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Feeding my hunger for photography during the pandemic

An abandoned New York City in The Division (2016)

The hardest part of this ongoing pandemic was distancing myself away from the scenery and interesting locations. Suddenly, taking random pictures became lifeless and futile in a room that is now a temporary replacement for the outside world. …

The impact and importance of in-game customization

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Skill Tree Menu

When it comes to any product, having a tailored experience is a very important factor as this can, sometimes, be the sole driving cause for the user to take part in the journey the product offers.

This is known as Personalization, the process of providing content, functionality or information based…

Scrolling down to save your changes annoys me, so here we are…

I have put in 960 hours of my life into this intense and tactical FPS game but to this day, one of the things that annoys me the most is something that crept past me for the past year.

It’s not the *cough* occasionally *cough* toxic community, the hackers, the…

Deus Ex prequels went unnoticed for its amazing soundtrack and it’s thematic sound design. Let me tell you the beauty of it…

Makind Divided Concept Art by Frédéric Bennett

I’m not here to tell you that the Deus Ex prequels, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, are masterpieces. The latter certainly had it’s issues while the former was considered to be an amazingly stitched prequel to a forgotten yet breathing franchise.

The two games are highly underrated in my opinion…

Cozy, London-esque cafe in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Wall of Poster at The Barnesbury (Photo by Kavishma Jayasinghe)

Not often times do you find a quiet and snug place to eat out in the busy suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka but The Barnesbury is here to tell you otherwise.

So here’s a quick run through of what I love about The Barnesbury:

Kavishma Jayasinghe

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