An underrated video game duology with fantastic sound design

Deus Ex prequels went unnoticed for its amazing soundtrack and it’s thematic sound design. Let me tell you the beauty of it…

Makind Divided Concept Art by Frédéric Bennett

I never really cared for video game soundtracks. There were a few that I liked but those were bits and pieces of a complete OST.

I can safely say that I have more soundtracks based of these two games than music from any other artists on my phone.

Human Revolution : A core style throughout

Human Revolution (2011) Art by Square Enix

McCann manages to give us a very melodic and ambient score while repeatedly using the same chords and tunes to make each track identical in terms of it’s theme or style but very different in terms of the way it sounds.

Human Revolution In-Game Screenshot by Steve Walton

Mankind Divided : A progressive style

Mankind Divided (2016) Art by Square Enix

The music really has an impact on the player. It tells the player about the shifting state of the game and through this, the player knows what to expect.

Mankind Divided In-Game Screenshot by Square Enix

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