Discipline > Motivation or Discipline + Motivation ?

It’s not about which one is better or greater but how they compliment one another

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Motivation is the need to do something out of emotion or when you’re in the zone but Discipline is all about doing it even if you don’t feel like you’re up to the task.

I realized over the years that I went backwards, from following the principles of discipline to being succumbed to the idea of motivation.

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The more you do this, the more you realize motivation is a drug and you need to constantly have a dose of it so that you can function according to plan.

But even discipline itself has a limit. You’ll do your work everyday even if you don’t feel like it but over time, you will cross a line where you’ll feel as if it’s meaningless. At that point you realize that you’re not driven enough to force yourself to yield to the conditions of discipline.

So…Which is better ?

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I won’t say that motivation is better than discipline but I would like to say that discipline works best if it’s combined with the power of motivation.

When I decided to find my motivation, I realized that it’s very temporary and at any day, I can go from being productive to being a pro-procrastinator.

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