Exploring Virtual Spaces

Feeding my hunger for photography during the pandemic

An abandoned New York City in The Division (2016)

And so, your addiction for capturing moments and scenes beyond these concrete walls grow stronger.

The World of Virtual Photography (VP)

Encapsulating drift culture — Captured in The Crew 2 (2018)

From 3D generated environments to Zoom photoshoots, Virtual Photography can take many forms and can be practiced from different artistic perspectives.

Virtual Photography in Video Games

Photography in Umurangi Generation (2020)

This could be a simple replay system, a level editor and more recently, in-game photo modes to cater to those who love taking pictures of their favorite moments.

Unintentional Storytelling

Alone — Captured in The Division (2016)

Breaking boundaries to photograph hidden details and scenic moments are what makes a game unique for each and every player who is engaged in its setting.

No Limitations

Fly Bye — Captured in The Crew 2 (2018)

This freedom is what encourages players and photographers to capture unorthodox but refreshing pictures through their virtual camera tools.

Anyone Can Be A Photographer

The Hidden Café — Captured in Valorant (2020)

The Right Tools

1. In-Game Photo Modes

Spider-Man PS4 Photo Mode — Image courtesy of USGamer (https://www.usgamer.net/)

2. NVIDIA Ansel

NVIDIA Ansel — Image courtesy of Nvidia (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/)

3. Hattiwatti’s Cinematic Tools *

4. Mods *

5. No HUD

The Inspirations

But the mind of a creative is always sparked by the work of others.

The Wrap Up

Staring into demise — Captured in The Division (2016)

Thank you, Reader!

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