Fintech App Design — Crucial Tips for Beginners

Design lessons learnt from the financial and IT industry

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However, fintech applications, in their own right, are very different from the usual bunch.

This is mainly due to the fact that they have their own specific set of guidelines that must be applied and followed.

1. Emphasize and give attention to values

Crypto Wallet Concept by Diane Korongy

For example, as an investor, your objective might be to know how well your portfolio is performing. Therefore, any increase or decrease in value should be highly visible at a glance, so that it’s both convenient and quick for the user to analyze and digest the numbers.

So…How do we handle this ?

2. Maintain a consistent and simple design

Finance Mobile App Wallet by Jeffrey Domingo

Fintech applications often ignore the suggestion of providing a limited set of features to it’s users, a general convention that is applicable to most products.

Every feature you provide increases the cognitive load and learnability of the application from the perspective of the user.

This is why, in the realm of fintech, your closest ally to help your users is Consistency.

3. Use a limited set of colors with good contrast

Syndash — Web Dashboard Concept by Andrés Esquivel

Domain and Region

For example, even though the color blue is considered to be trustworthy, any light shade of blue is not so popular in Middle Eastern countries due to the color’s softness and vulnerability, attributes that will not convey well in the financial or banking industry.

This was an important lesson I had the opportunity of learning through trial and error when I was assigned to cooperate and collaborate with a Middle Eastern client.

Indicators and Signaling

For example, the most common pair of colors used in fintech apps are red and green.

Red is often used to indicate danger, more specifically, negative figures and effects.

Meanwhile, green is used to indicate safety, which is used to represent positive values and figures within the application.


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