Improving Rainbow Six Siege’s Playlist UI

Scrolling down to save your changes annoys me, so here we are…

So…What is the problem ?

Playlist selection or create menu in R6 Siege
Create A
Create B
Edit A
Edit B
I had to scroll past 5 or 6 matches so that I could save my playlist.

You have to scroll all the way down to the very end just to access the button to save your changes, which is not very convenient for the player.

So in summary, it’s inconvenient to provide a button that is essential at the very end of a list, where the user has to dedicate effort in order to gain access to what is important.

So Jiggly…How do you plan on solving this issue ?

An immaculate card system with a tile layout

First Concept
I’m inside the edit menu and I had to scroll past Match 1 and 2 so I could come to Match 3 to change the map
Second Concept (AKA The Best Version)

Usability is important for any player

“Usability is about coming up with a product or design that is easy to use, memorable, effective and satisfying to the user.”

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